Man Stabbed To Death By Customs Officer Along Enugu Expressway (Photo)


A man has passed away after he was allegedly stabbed by a Custom officer along Enugu/Port-Harcourt expressway. 

According to reports, the victim’s intestines came out after he was stabbed and died few minutes later after he was rushed to the hospital.

A health worker based in Abia state, Ahukanna Chinonso shared the sad news online and wrote;

This world is wicked even the people living in it… This man was hale and hearty this morning before this misfortune met him.

This MAN was stabbed by a custom officer along enugu portharcourt express way in aba about an hour ago and his intestines pooped out, he was restless before he was rushed to the hospital, few minutes leta, he gave up the ghost.

Even the custom officer that slapped him is no where to be found but some of his colleagues that were present when the incident took place are now in the police custody. WHAT A WICKED WORLD.



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